compound eventAn event with more than one outcome.
equally likelyHaving the same likelihood of occurring, such that in a large number of trials, two equally likely outcomes would happen roughly the same number of times.
eventA collection of possible outcomes, often describable using a common characteristic, such as rolling an even number with a die or picking a card from a specific suit.
event spaceThe set of possible outcomes in an event: for example, the event “rolling an even number” on a die has the event space of 2, 4, and 6.
Fundamental Counting Principle

If one event has p possible outcomes, and another event has m possible outcomes, then there are a total of p m possible outcomes for the two events.

outcomeA result of a trial.
probabilityA measure of how likely it is that something will occur.
sample spaceThe set of all possible outcomes.
simple eventAn event with only one outcome.
tree diagramA diagram that shows the choices or random outcomes from multiple trials, using branches for each new outcomes.
trialA random action or series of actions.